Yatra Facts

Duration 14 Days
Max. Altitude
Max. Altitude 5600
Grade Moderate
Starts Lhasa
Ends Kathmandu
Best Season
Best Season May - Sept.
Accomodation Guest House
Group 10-30
Transport Private

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Yatra Overview

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Lhasa in Kathmandu out – 14 days
We, the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra team have designed this Holy Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Lhasa to accommodate the needs and interests of the diverse group of participants like spiritual seekers, tourists, adventurers, and anyone interested in culture who want to have a meaningful and varied experience in a revered and inaccessible Himalayan region. Visit the Capitol of Tibet Lhasa and then Holy Mt. Kailash at one go.

This Holy Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Lhasa entails a journey through the Tibetan Plateau to a majestic holy mountain, Mount Kailash, and a holy lake called Mansarovar or Brahma’s Lake. Lake Mansarovar is also for the name “Color Shifting Lake”. There are two other lakes near Mount Kailash; Lake Rakshastal situated to the west of Lake Mansarovar, and to the north Lake Gauri Kund.

As per Hindu, Kailash Parvat is the home to the Lord Shiva which is standing at 6,714 meters (22,028 feet) above sea level. It is also believed that Mount Kailash is the earthly manifestation of the Mt. Meru, which is believed to be the pillar of the universe. Buddhists believe that Mount Kailash is the home of Avalokiteshvara, known as the Buddha of Compassion. Whereas, Bon believed that their saint Shanrab had been fall from Heaven on this holy site. Adinath, the Jains’ first teacher, is said to have obtained Nirvana (liberation) here, according to the Jains.

Also, the four main rivers of Indian subcontinent, the Ganges, Indus, Sutlej, and Brahmaputra flows from the only source, Mt. Kailash. Being one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for different religions and believers, this Kailash Parvat is itself a mystery mountain of the earth. One who completes the yatra of this holy Kailash Parvat and Mansarovar Lake will reach Nirvana and have all of their sins forgiven. Anyone who travels here and participates in the pilgrimage will sense the incredible strength and tranquility that this area possesses. Anyone who travels here is thought to achieve enlightenment.

The Mount Kailash Yatra, an overland yatra starts from Lhasa and ends in Kathmandu.
The scenic drive with the view of farmlands, and small settlements admiring the stunning landscape around us. From here, it is simple and convenient to travel overland to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

From the USA, UK, or Australia you travel to Beijing, or if it is better in Shanghai / Chengdu also ok. You must stay one night there as we need to deliver your Tibet travel permit at your hotel in Beijing / Shanghai or Chengdu and then next day fly to Lhasa where we will pick up you and start the Lhasa to Kailash Journey.
If you need help we can help to book a hotel and tour in Beijing / Shanghai / Chengdu for you.
You have to arrange a China Visa at your home town before you fly to China and you need to send the Visa copy for us to apply and proceed for a Tibet military travel permit.
You may arrange your own flight to Beijing / Shanghai / Chengdu and from there to Lhasa, or we can also help to buy air tickets for you.

Yatra Highlights

  • Visit HoLy City Lhasa the Capitol of Tibet and Dalali Lama palace
  • Explore the Sacred Manasarovar Lake, Rakash Taal (Demon Lake), and Parvati Kund.
  • Pass across Drolma La Pass, a renowned high mountain Himalayan Pass, at a height of 5620 meters.
  • Observe the breathtakingly magnificent and arid plateaus of Tibet.
  • Discover the vibrant and enigmatic Kailash regions and Tibet’s culture & way of life.

Yatra Notes

From the USA, UK, or Australia you travel to Beijing, or if it is better in Shanghai / Chengdu also ok. You must stay one night there as we need to deliver your Tibet travel permit at your hotel in Beijing / Shanghai or Chengdu and then next day fly to Lhasa.
If you need help we can book a hotel and tour there for you.
You have to arrange a China Visa at your home town before you fly to China and you need to send the Visa copy for us to apply and proceed for a Tibet military travel permit.
You may arrange your own flight to Beijing / Shanghai / Chengdu and from there to Lhasa, or we can also help to buy tickets for you.

Yatra Itinerary

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Fly to Lhasa from Beijing / Shanghai or Chengdu - Arrival Lhasa

Fly direct to Lhasa from Beijing / Shanghai or Chengdu, and arrive in the capital city of Tibet Lhasa, we will meet and greet at the airport and transfer to the Hotel and Rest.
Depending on the time later we try to cover a few sightseeing places including Bharkhor or  Jokhang Temple. Overnight stay in Hotel

Important Note:
From the USA, UK, or Australia you travel to Beijing, or if it is better in Shanghai / Chengdu also ok. You must stay one night there as we need to deliver your Tibet travel permit at your hotel in Beijing / Shanghai or Chengdu and then next day fly to Lhasa.
If you need help we can book a hotel and tour there for you.
You have to arrange a China Visa at your home town before you fly to China and you need to send the Visa copy for us to apply and proceed for a Tibet military travel permit.
You may arrange your own flight to Beijing / Shanghai / Chengdu and from there to Lhasa, or we can also help to buy tickets for you.

3,650 meters (11,975 feet)
Bus / Van

A Full Day Tour in Lhasa and acclimatize

We will take you for Sightseeing in Lhasa ( the famous Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Bharkhor Market). We will take the tour in Lhasa while acclimatizing.

At the assigned time, we’ll begin our tour by visiting the iconic Potala Palace. Built-in the 17th century by the fifth Dalai Lama, this magnificent palace offers breathtaking views of the entire city and is home to the private quarters of the Dalai Lama, numerous grand state rooms, and chapels. Afterward, we’ll visit the revered Jokhang Temple, founded in the 7th century by Songtsen Gampo, which is considered the most sacred monastery in Tibet. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this magical land: take a stroll through the vibrant Barkhor old quarter and follow pilgrims from all over the Tibetan plateau on a kora around the Jokhang Temple.

Khora is a term used in Tibetan Buddhism that refers to the practice of circumambulating around a sacred site, such as a temple, stupa or mountain, as a way of showing devotion and accumulating merit. The practice involves walking clockwise around the site, often while reciting mantras, prayers or other sacred texts. It is also believed to bring good fortune and blessings to those who undertake it.

Overnight in Lhasa.


3,650 meters (11,975 feet),
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Bus / walk

Lhasa to Gyantse - 280 kms

Early breakfast to get ready for an exciting day: we’ll start driving West towards Tsang region to ascend the Kampa-la Pass [4797m], where you’ll witness the stunning Mt. Noijin Kangsang [7206m] and the breathtaking turquoise waters of holy lake Yamdrok-Tso. An unreal sight that will leave you spellbound all along the way to the Karo-la Pass [5050m], where you’ll marvel at the glacier that majestically hugs the roadside. The final stop will be the charming Gyantse town, home to the Kumbum Stupa inside Pelkor Chode Monastery, renowned for its exquisite Tibetan art paintings. From the top of the Kumbum, you’ll also be treated to a magnificent view of the majestic Gyantse Dzong fortress overlooking the valley.

Overnight in Gyantse.

8 hrs
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Bus / van

Gyantse to Sighetse

After breakfast in your hotel drive to Shigatse which is the 2nd largest city of Tibet. Built in 1447 by the first Dalai lama the Tashillunpo Monastery in Shigatse is a very important monastery in China as it is known as the seat of the Panchen Lama. Night stay will be at Hotel.

Our first destination today is the historic Shalu Monastery. Built in the 11th century, the monastery was partially destroyed by an earthquake in the 14th century and then rebuilt, resulting in a blend of architectural styles.

Shalu Monastery boasts an impressive collection of Buddhist art and sculptures that are well-preserved. It was a renowned center of learning for various tantric practices and techniques, and some of these skills were described in Alexandra David-Néel’s book, “Magic and Mystery in Tibet,” which impressed the world. Back to the Friendship Highway, and Drive to Shigatse. Overnight in Shigatse. 

6 hrs
3950 m
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Bus / Van

Sighatse to Saga - 370 kms

We take an early morning drive to Saga, please note this will be a long drive but on the way we can make enough stops and lunch.

Overnight in Hotel at Saga.

Until Saga, we will use guest houses to stay and nice restaurants ( Indian, and Nepali meals) for meals, Saga we meet our expeditions team/crew members and we start servicing you with proper Indian hot meals and all full service.

9 hrs.
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Bus / Van

Saga to Dongba to PRAYANG to MANSAROVAR - 670 Kms

After having breakfast in Saga, we drive to Mansarovar Lake. It will take about 7 – 8  hours to reach mansarovar this day.  Before reaching Mansarovar, we will stop by the famous spot Horchu from where we get the first glimpse of Mount Kailash – a special Darshan on a clear day!  We will spend some time clicking photographs, capturing landscapes, and then head towards Mansarovar. We will use the Nagri Kailash Bus service to do the Parikrama of Lake Mansarovar. We will reach Chui Gompa, check in at the guest house, freshen up, and take a rest.

Night at Lake Mansarovar: Many travelers want to see stars or apsara at Lake Mansarovar at night. Many may witness its beauty under the moonlight. Though visiting the lake at night is completely safe it is advisable to go in a group and if possible take our expert team with you for any required help. Dress properly with warm clothes as the temperature outside will be cold. Good idea to carry a torch and a whistle too. It is believed that Apsara from Swarga or even Lord Parvati visits Manasarovar at night to take a bath.
Overnight stay at Mansarovar Lake.

9 / 10 hrs
4550 m
Hotel / Guest house
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Bus / Van

Rest day in Manasarovar, Havan Puja, Tarpanam and Hike around.

Full day at MANASAROVAR for Puja and Havana and acclimatization
A beautiful day in the piece of Heaven. We can visit the powerful Chiu Monastery, we can take deep at Lake Manasarovar or we also provide warm water from the Lake in a Bathing tent then join pious Puja or Havan at the lake, and later in the day prepare for Kailash Parikrama/packing/discussion about extra horse/yak/porter booking etc. B, L, D

Note: If people wish to go Darchen town base of Kailash on this day we can drive there to, but many people prefer to stay at Mansarovar and start Parikrama directly driving to Tharboche the next day.

whole day
4550 m
Hotel / Guest house
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Drive to Tarboche & Trek to Diraphuk - 1st Day of Khora

Early in the morning, we will drive around 58 km and reach the Tarboche. We then meet our porters and prepare ourselves for the Parikrama or Khora of holy Kailash Parvat – called  Gang or Kang Rinpoche in Tibetan language.  Kailash Yatra Parikarma starts from Yama Dwar at Tharboche.

From Yama Dwar, we will walk for around 6 to 7 hours to reach Diraphuk the north face of Holy Mt.Kailash.
During this Kailash Parikrama yatra, we get a close view of Mount Kailash.  Once we reach Diraphuk we can view the beautiful north face of Mount Kailash.

About Kailash Parikrama :
Almost Everyone comes to make Kailash Khora meaning circumulation of Hoy Mt. Kailash going through the highest pass Dolma La (5,645m). Although local Tibetan people make Kailash Khora in a single day, it takes three days for us and the total walk is about 52-kilometer but since we can drive a bit both ways of starting and ending of Parikrama now it is a total of 38 KM we have to walk in 3 days. This Parikrama is called the outer Khora of Kailash.
But people who are not able to make the whole Parikrama for some reason have the option to go up to the North face of Kailash, do some puja, and back to Darchen and wait for group members to finish. We have specially added one more day in North Face to touch the Kailash which is called “Kailash Charan sparsa “a special moment in life. Not every company does it.

Tharboche and Diraphuk a well-known holy places for organizing events during festivals. They organize a grand event during the Saga Dawa Festival. If we are lucky and reach during the festival time, then we get to explore more about the culture and traditions of the local communities.

Overnight at Diraphuk.

7 hrs trek
4920 m./16,138 fts
Guest house
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Bus / walk


Kailash Charan Spash walk – touching feet of Kailash Parvat:
Today we do a sacred walk from Derapuk monastery to the feet of Kailash Parvat on the north face side of the mountain, a total of about 7 km distance. We all will try to reach to the base of Mt. Kailash Parvat – the Charan – or touch the feet of Mt. Kailash. It is a heavenly beautiful walk through a bank of milky water and snowfall from the top of Kailash mountain, it may feel a bit heavy due to the altitude. We will walk slowly and drink lots of water. We can do some meditation and Puja there as well. The Charan sparse trek in Kailash is also considered as part of Inner Parikarama.
We will be seeking blessing from Lord Shiva at this beautiful pilgrimage, expectation of positive energy. Kailash parvat is axis of the Mundi and Ganges flowing from Shiva’s matted hair ( Jatta ). By touching the miracle feet of Mount Kailash and the Ganges axis people get moksha – salvation, a rebirth. It is believed that the Ganges is the water that flows from the melted snow of Kailash and interestingly enough 4 of the major river in Asia Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra, and Karnali originated within a 50 KM radius of Kailash mountain. That is why May be Kailash is known as Sumeru Parvat or the center of the earth.

7 hrs
5400 meter
Guest house / hotel
B, L, D


Early morning we start about 5 am for our second day of the Parikrama we trek 15 km from Diraphuk to Dolmala Pass (5650m / 18,532ft) to Zhutulpuk Valley (4760m / 15,613ft). Trekking time: 9 to 10 hours.

This is the toughest day of the  Kailash Yatra. To Dolmala Pass, it is a 6 kilometers uphill trek. If you would like pray and perform puja for 10 minutes at the pass. Soon after Dolmala Pass is Gaurikund. From here you will start descending for another 6 kilometers. The trail is very slippery and you have to move carefully. Please use your walking stick. A final steep descent brings you to the valley floor. An additional 3 kilometers of gradual walk and you arrive at Guesthouse.

Stay overnight at the Guesthouse.

9-10 hrs.
Guest house
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


Third day of the Parikrama. Trek from Zhutulpuk to the end of the Parikrama and Drive to Darchen and to saga. Today Trekking time is about 3 to 4 hours. It is a very pleasant walk and the trail is very beautiful. There are many caves; Mani Stones and birds can be seen. This is a Valley of Enlightenment as a belief.

Our vehicle will be waiting near Darchen where our Parikrama ends then we drive to Saga once we pick up our bags and if any Yatries who did not manage to go for Parikrama. Stay Overnight in Saga.

10 hours
4200 m
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Walk / Bus

SAGA to Kerung to Kathmandu

After early morning breakfast we drive to Kerung Boarder and Cross the Immigration. Change the vehicle on boarder side and drive to Kathmandu. This is a long day can be about 10 to 12 hours.

Note: Depending on the weather from the Nepal side of the boarder if you wish you can take a helicopter to Kathmandu ( instead of long 7 hours bumpy ride) we need min. 5 people to share the Heli and it will cost about USD 340 per person extra.

10 hrs.
1350 m
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing.

Leave for full day sightseeing in Kathmandu valley includes The Hindu temple complex at Pashupatinath (a UNESCO world heritage site) & the biggest Buddhist Stupa at Boudhanath. Also visit Monkey Temple the Shyambhunath (2000 years old temple) and visit Patan city of fine arts.

Evening join Nepali Cultural Show and Dinner.

1350 m
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Bus / walk

Kathmandu to Departure to Home ( Delhi , Mumbai, Dubai, Hong Kong ).

After breakfast, transfer the airport for departure to home. Namaste.

Bus / Car

Itinerary Notes

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Lhasa

Yatra Cost Includes:

  • All Ground Transfer by private vehicle ( Bus)
  • Twin sharing accommodation at Hotel on full board basis in Lhasa, Sigetse and Saga, Kathmandu ( 3 star level, can upgrade at extra cost some nights)
  • Lodging accommodation in Tibet in 2- 4 people sharing basis – guesthouse / 2 men tent during camping ( only max. 2/ 3 nights)
  • Full board meal – vegetarian (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two times tea) with our expert team
  • Tibet special permits and entrance fees.
  • Transportation in Tibet by coach/van/minibus and Supporting truck for luggage and food.
  • All the staffs (guide, cook and other supporting staffs.)
  • Insurance for staff.
  • Tents & mattresses, sleeping bags and jackets.
  • Poncho & Duffle bag for individual yatries.
  • Water Jar for holy Manas Jal
  • Havan and puja equipment, Shower tent and hot water provided in Manasarovar for holy bath.
  • Yaks and Yakmen to carry our supplies during the Parikarma.
  • Transportation to Nepal –Tibet border by coach.
  • Duffle bag to take your cloths in Tibet and back pack for you to take your day to day stuff like camera.
  • Monkey Cap, stick, Panchoo
  • Oxygen bag and Gamo bag.

Yatra Cost Excludes:

  • International flight from US to and from Lhasa / Kathmandu
  • Bar bills (coca cola etc), Drinking water for the whole trip
  • Horse and porter for Parikrama ( Please allow about USD 450 / 600)
  • Personal Insurance & emergency rescue charges,
  • Extra porter & transport charges in the event of landslides.
  • Personal clothing & accessories, Laundry, postage etc
  • Personal, medical and evacuation insurance.
  • Tipping for Nepali and Tibetian Staff.
  • China and Nepal Visa fee, extra night hotels if it happens to come early in Lhasa etc
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