Yatra Facts

Duration 11 Days
Max. Altitude
Max. Altitude 5680m
Grade Challenging
Starts Kathmandu
Ends Kathmandu
Best Season
Best Season Spring and Autumn
Accomodation Hotel and Lodge
Group 5 - 35
Transport Private Car, Flight, and Helicopter

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Yatra Overview

Mount Kailash Yatra using some parts Helicopter
Kailash Mansarovar helicopter tour also basically departs from Kathmandu. The fixed wing airoplane flight will be available from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Simikot. After landing in Simikot, we fly to Hilsa in a private helicopter while admiring the stunning landscape below us. From here, it is simple and convenient to travel overland to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.Holy Mount Kailash, located in Tibet, China, standing at 6,714 meters (22,028 feet) above sea level, is believed to be the home of the Hindu Lord Shiva. It is the holiest place on Earth for different religions; Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Bon. Participating in the Yatra to Kailash and doing Charan Sparsh with a bath in a holy Lake Mansarovar is the once in a lifetime opportunity for any devotees. It entails a journey to a majestic holy mountain, Mount Kailash, and a holy lake called Mansarovar. There are two other lakes near Mount Kailash; Lake Rakshastal situated to the west of Lake Mansarovar, and to the north Lake Gauri Kund.

Kailash Mansarovar a popular Hindu pilgrimage site residing in the Himalayan Region is also the source of four of the main rivers that flow across the Indian subcontinent: the Ganges (also known as the Karnali, the longest river in Nepal) flows on the south side, whereas, the Indus, the Sutlej, and the Brahmaputra (the Yarlung Tsangpo) in the east, west, and north, respectively.

Buddhists believe Mount Kailash is the home of Avalokiteshvara, known as the Buddha of Compassion. Whereas, Bon believed that their saint Shanrab had been fall from Heaven on this holy site. Adinath, the Jains’ first teacher, is said to have obtained Nirvana (liberation) here, according to the Jains.

Pilgrims believe that if they complete the journey and have a heavenly perspective of the Abode, they will reach Nirvana and have all of their sins forgiven. Anyone who travels here and participates in the pilgrimage will sense the incredible strength and tranquility that this area possesses. Anyone who travels here is thought to achieve enlightenment.

The Kailash Mansarovar yatra is heavenly in and of itself, and along the road, you may see other locations that have special and spiritual importance in the thoughts of the pilgrims who come here from all over the world. According to Kailash Yatri, this pilgrimage is the most difficult and adventurous in the entire globe.

Most people misunderstood the itinerary title as it says “using Helicopter”, so they thought the whole Yatra would be on a Helicopter, but we just used a Helicopter on some parts only; Simikot to Hilsa and return. The route we follow on this itinerary is the shortest but for various reasons, this might be the longest way to reach Holy Kailash Mansarovar and is expensive too. So, we have some other itineraries you would want to check out.



The Mount Kailash Yatra by Helicopter, basically departs from Kathmandu. The airplane flight will be available from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Simikot. After landing in Simikot, we fly to Hilsa in a private helicopter while admiring the stunning landscape below us. From here, it is simple and convenient to travel overland to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar.

Yatra Highlights

  • Scenic flights between Kathmandu, Nepalgunj, and Simikot.
  • Enjoy the exhilarating helicopter flight between Simikot and Hilsa.
  • Explore the Sacred Manasarovar Lake and Rakash Taal (Demon Lake)
  • Pass across Drolma La Pass, a renowned high mountain Himalayan Pass, at a height of 5620 meters.
  • Observe the breathtakingly magnificent and arid plateaus of Tibet.
  • Visit different World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu like Pashupatinath, a Hindu Temple
  • Discover the vibrant Kathmandu Valley’s culture and the enigmatic Kailash region’s way of life.

Yatra Notes

Kailash Yatra needs a Chinese Group Visa which takes a few days. So, we will do some sightseeing and hiking to acclimatize before starting the yatra to Kailash.

Permits: Tibet Travel Permit, Chinese Group Visa, Alien Travel Permit, Military Permit

Some permits, like Military Permit, may take much longer than expected, so we advised you to book the Yatra package 4 month earlier.

Yatra Itinerary

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Arrival in Kathmandu

Our guide will meet you at the Tribhuwan International Airport, greet you, and drive you to the hotel.

In the evening you can stroll around the Thamel and nearby areas.

Overnight at Kathmandu.

30 min. drive
Standard Hotel
Private Car

Holy Sightseeing in Kathmandu

As part of the Holy Yatra, our sightseeing will be in the holy places in Kathmandu. After breakfast, our guide will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the Swayambhunath Stupa, also called the Monkey Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the religious pilgrimages for both Hindus and Buddhists. It is situated on the west side of Kathmandu on top of the hill with 365 steps that take you to the giant dome-shaped stupa. You will have a beautiful bird eye view of Kathmandu from this sacred place and it is one of the viewpoints in Kathmandu. After, strolling around the stupa and clicking some memories we then travel to Budhanilkantha.

Budhanilkantha is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Vishnu and is one of the most sacred and important temples for Hindus. You will get to see the reclining long statue of Lord Vishnu in the pond. The most interesting thing (not known by many people) about this temple is the oldest belief which says the King (now former) of Nepal should not visit this temple, as the King is believed to be the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. This temple is believed to be from the 5th century. From here, we will visit Bouddanath Stupa.

Bouddanath Stupa, also known as White Stupa is one of the sacred pilgrimage sites for Buddhists. Once you enter inside, you will find a huge courtyard where you will see the giant white dome standing. You will find peace and a perfect spot to relieve yourself from the hustle of Kathmandu. Spending our peaceful time here, we then drive to one of the Hindu holy sites, Pashupatinath Temple where we end our sightseeing yatra of Kathmandu for the day.

Pashupatinath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the sacred sites for Hindus. This temple is situated on the bank of the holy Bagmati River where you will witness the Hindu Cremation. Non-Hindus are not allowed to enter the temple and worship but one can stroll around the temple as it has covered a wide area where you will find numerous other temples and lots of spots to stop by and interact with. We will spend our time till evening as we will be joining the Sandhya Aarati. You will witness a large audience during this period just to listen and watch the Aarati done by Pujaris. There will be singing (songs and mantras dedicated to Lord Shiva), dancing, and worshipping.

This session will end in an hour and we then head back to the hotel. You can still spend your time before sleep by strolling around the Thamel, and Asan areas.

Overnight at Kathmandu.

Full day
Standard Hotel
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Private Car

Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Simikot

You will have breakfast in the hotel and then we will drive you to the Tribhuwan International Airport. You will then enjoy a 50-minute scenic flight to Nepalgunj. Once you reach there, you will join the connecting flight to Simikot. It is just a 30-minute flight.

Your guide will be waiting for you at the Simikot Airport. You will be then transferred to the hotel where you will take a rest and be briefed about the Kailash yatra. As Simikot lies on the hill, you can stroll in the evening around the hill to witness an astonishing view.

Overnight at Simikot.

Total 80-85 min. flight
Best Hotel
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Aeroplane / Private Car

Helicopter flight to Hilsa and drive to Taklakot

You will have your breakfast at the hotel and then, be transferred to the Simikot Airport where we will take a flight in a chartered helicopter to Hilsa. Once we reach Hilsa, we then take a short walk and cross the Karnali Bridge. Once we cross the bridge, we will be at the spot where all the immigration procedures for Nepal will be completed.

We then walk across the border and book a car to the Chinese Immigration Office, Sera. We reached there in a five-minute drive. Once we complete the immigration procedures in the Chinese Customs Office, we then head towards Taklakot from Sera (a 45-minute drive).

Once we reach Taklakot, we directly reach the hotel and freshen up. After resting for a while, we can stroll around Taklakot.

Overnight at Taklakot.

Total 2 hrs.
Best Lodge
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Helicopter / Private Car

Drive to Manasarovar Lake & Explore

After having breakfast in Taklakot, we drive to Mansarovar Lake.  It will take around 2 hours to get there. Before reaching Mansarovar, we witness another lake named as Rakshas Taal. Rakshas Taal or “Lake of Demons” is a lake situated in the west of Mansarovar and is believed to be a disturbed lake as the state of the water in this lake is not subtle. We will spend some time clicking photographs, capturing landscapes, and then head towards Mansarovar.

We have to pass the Shiv Valley to reach the Mansarovar Lake. As we pass from Shiv Valley, the majestic view of Mount Kailash will please our eyes. After reaching Mansarovar Lake, we will check in at the guest house and freshen up, have lunch, and take a rest for a while. Then, we will perform a Parikrama on the holy Mansarovar Lake by vehicle.

The best part of Mansarovar Lake is its night view. You can visit the lake during the nighttime. The lake is really beautiful during the night and if it is time for the full moon then you will witness the breathtaking beauty of the lake.

Overnight at Mansarovar.

2 hrs. drive
Best Lodge
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Private Car

Drive to Darchen

Early morning you will take a holy bath on the shore of a lake. You cannot directly bathe in the lake. After that, we will perform a puja on the bank of the lake.

After completion, we will have breakfast and then drive to Darchen. Darchen, a base camp of Mount Kailash and a starting point for 2 & a half-day “Parikrama” or “Kora” (circumambulation of Mount Kailash). The distance you covered during Parikrama is 53 km.

It’s a town so you can stroll around and explore the town, culture, and people. The remaining time is for you to have a proper rest as we will be starting a 6-7 hrs. trek from tomorrow.

Overnight at Darchen.

2-3 hrs. drive
Best Lodge
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Private Car

Drive to Tarboche & Trek to Diraphuk - 1st Day of Kora

Early in the morning, we will drive around 10km and reach the Tarboche. We then meet our porters and prepare ourselves for the Kora in the Yam Dwar.

From Yam Dwar, we will walk for around 6 hours to reach Diraphuk. During this yatra, we get a close view of Mount Kailash.  From here, we can view the north face of Mount Kailash.

Diraphuk is a well-known place for organizing events during festivals. They organize a grand event during the Saga Dawa Festival. If we are lucky and reach during the festival time, then we get to explore more about the culture and traditions of the local communities.

Overnight at Diraphuk.

30 min. drive & 6 hrs. walk
Guest House
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Private Car & by walk

Trek to Zuthulphuk via Drolma La Pass - 2nd Day of Kora

We will wake you early in the morning to witness the Golden Kailash during the time of sunrise. As the first sunlight kisses the summit of Mount Kailash, it turns golden, and that view is awesome.

Then, you will have a decent breakfast and the second day of Kora starts. We will walk around 6-7 hrs. to reach the Zuthulphuk. This yatra of today is the most difficult and we will be walking around 22km.

During the yatra, we will ascend towards the Drolma La pass, the highest point (5680m) of the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Before reaching the Drolma La Pass, there is a site where Milarepa and Shiva Tsal’s footprints can be seen. Once we reach the Pass, we will stay for a while. You will be seeing the pass decorated with prayer flags. From this point, our yatra will be descending.

On the way, we will reach Gauri Kund or Parvati Taal. We will spend some time here as this lake is quiet and peaceful. Then we will continue our journey to Zuthulphuk. Once we reach there, we will visit the monastery there.

Overnight at Zuthulphuk.

6-7 hrs.
Guest House
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
By walk

Travel to Darchen - Last day of Kora and drive to Hilsa

Today is the last day of Kora or Kailash Parikrama. Early morning, we will have our breakfast and then start walking. After walking for around 10 km, we reached the Hor Qu Village. From here we will take a vehicle to reach Darchen. From Darchen, we will drive back to Hilsa.

Overnight at Hilsa.

2 hrs. walk & 4 hrs. drive
Best Hotel
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Private Car

Fly Hilsa-Simikot-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu

We will have an early breakfast and take a helicopter ride from Hilsa to Simikot and from Simikot, we will take a flight to Nepalgunj. From Nepalgunj, we will take another flight to Kathmandu.

Once we reach Kathmandu, you will be transferred to your hotel. You can end this Kailash Mansarovar Yatra by visiting the Pashupatinath Temple again and attending the Sandhya Aarati.

2 hrs. flight
Standard Hotel
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Helicopter / Aeroplane / Private Car

Departure from Kathmandu

You will be transferred to the airport three hours before your planned flight departs for your home country or the next location.

30 min. drive
Private car

Itinerary Notes

For this Kailash Yatra by Helicopter, we’ve created an 11-day schedule taking into account the distance of the Yatra trails and the required acclimatization days in between. Nevertheless, if you just have a few days available or want to cut the yatra a little short, we may adjust it by slashing the suggested 1-2 days, based on the current state of the weather, the time of year, and other factors.

Yatra Cost Includes:

  • All airport transfers on a private vehicle
  • Nepalgunj – Simikot – Nepalgunj flight
  • Heli ride Simikot-Hilsa-Simikot
  • All permits and heritage entry fees as specified in the itinerary
  • English-speaking professional guide
  • Tibetan Travel Bureau (TTB) approved guide in Tibet
  • All meals during the yatra (as per itinerary)
  • All applicable government taxes

Yatra Cost Excludes:

  • Nepal Visa Fee & International flight
  • Travel Insurance & Emergency Evacuation
  • Tips & gratitude to guides and porters
  • Personal expenses (laundry, phone calls, liquor, etc.)
  • Any costs that occurred under unavoidable circumstances (flight delay or cancellation, road blockade, illness, etc.)
  • Anything not mentioned in the Yatra Cost Includes section

Date & Price

trip date trip end date price remarks availability
14/06/2024 24/06/2024 $3597 Available Book Now


Are experienced guides or experts available to accompany the yatra?

Holy Kailash Manasarovar Yatra is one of the divine journeys taken to achieve Moksha (salvation) and clean the sins. According to the mythology, in order to carry out the once-in-a-lifetime journey, you must be summoned by the divine. You need an experienced team who take you to Kailash Manasarovar with love and care. We, the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra team at Earthbound Expeditions, specialize in planning the most respected and holy pilgrimage journeys to Kailash Manasarovar, the sacred residence of Lord Shiva. Established in 1999 with a vision to provide justice and value for each penny spent by our clients. We are a specialist team of mountaineers and guides been leading trips to Mt. Kailash Manasarovar for the past 24 years and many of our team leaders have personally been there over 25 times and taking 1000’s of yatries from UK, USA, Australia, India, and other parts of the world. We have a highly dedicated and informative team to guide you through the whole Kailash Manasarovar Yatra.

Over the years, the knowledge we have gained, and our passion for holy travel has made it easy to pick comfortable accommodations, local Sherpa guides and create perfect itineraries to fit our worldwide client’s needs. To this date, we are successful in satisfying our clients and we are tirelessly working our best. Our sincere and dedicated service makes Earthbound Expeditions one of the best Tour companies for the Himalayas and for Kailash Manasarovar yatra, as supported by the testimonials we receive from our clients. Please refer to the Testimonial section to read the reviews at trip advisor and learn more about our services.As one of the best travel agencies in Nepal, we the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra team, offer individualized service and work at every level of plan that will be tailored to each unique need or demand of our clients. We design the itinerary that is suitable and easy to understand the whole Yatra process before even starting the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra. We are loved, supported, and recommended by our clients and continually dedicate our time and knowledge to provide the best experience.

Our Kailash Manasarovar tour group size is always about 30 people so that we can care for them well. We provide good, clean and comfortable hotel accommodations, good transportation and carry medical supplies needed during the journey. All our meals are vegetarian (South Indian, North Indian and some western dishes) hotly prepared by our expert cooks. We also carry oxygen cylinders, PAC bags which are very important for the altitude, Oximeters for measuring oxygen, Blood Pressure meters and other equipment necessary for the yatra. We offer/conduct Puja and Havan on the banks of Manasarovar. We also make arrangements to take a bath at the shore of Lake Manasarovar in shower tents with warm water from Lake Manasarovar.

Our sincere and dedicated service makes Earthbound Expeditions one of the best Tour companies for the Himalayas and for Kailash Manasarovar yatra, as supported by the testimonials we receive from our clients. Please refer to the Testimonial section to read the reviews at trip advisor and learn more about our services.

What kind of food will be provided during the Yatra?

We have a solid team of cooks, helpers, and strong sherpas. All our meals provided during the yatra often consist of vegetarians and many varieties. We serve like porridge, Musli, roti, daal, pakodas, paratha,  rice, Rajma, veg . curry, pasta, puri, halawa, rasam, Khichadi, soup, milk, tea, coffee, born vita, biscuits, all sorts of meals. Every day we serve all have hot food prepared in our expedition kitchen for you.  Special dietary needs can sometimes be accommodated if communicated in advance.

What types of accommodations will be provided during the yatra?

Accommodations during the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra usually include a mix of hotels and guesthouses. We will use good guest houses and hotels However, the level of comfort can vary, all basic facilities are provided but don’t expect luxury.

We provide a sleeping bag, jacket, duffle bag, and Benie for you. We also provide shower tents for baths in Lake Mansarovar and also carry toilet tents. We try our best for your comfortable journey which we have been doing last 25 years.

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