Holy Triveni Dham and Valmiki Ashram

Triveni Dham is the meeting point of the Sona, Tamasa, and Narayani rivers, located in the southern region of the Nawalparasi district, Nepal, on the western edge of Chitwan National Park. This location is associated with Valmiki Ashram, the exiled home of Sita, spouse of Lord Rama, and her two kids, Lava and Kush. Situated between hills and rivers in a verdant environment, this location holds great significance for the Hindu community.

Valmiki Ashram, discovered in 1965, is located in the Chitwan National Park, Nepal, and close to the Triveni Dham residing on the bank of the Tamasa River. This very popular and religious Valmiki Ashram is said to hold about 1.75 million years of history. The Valmiki Ashram is home to several living sacred sites, such as Sita’s underworld entrance, the priceless Gauri Shankar conch, the historic Havana Dhar site, Luv-Kush’s birthplace, Sita’s Silauto, Luv-Kush’s horse-tied pole, the tank of the 88000’s Sages, and other archeological sites. Also, outside the Sita temple is a kneeling statue of Hanuman that is rarely seen anywhere in the world. Thousands of people from India and Nepal visit the ashram.

This famous pilgrimage place, Triveni Dham, has been described in several Kalidas plays and dramas, and it is portrayed in numerous holy texts such as the Skanda Puranas, Himavat, and Varaha. According to mythology, Apsaras traveled from heaven with the Gods and Goddesses to bathe in this sacred river. Apart from the religious significance of Triveni Dham, this location has enough leisure areas for hiking and water sports. Other essential pilgrimage sites are Gajendra Moksha Dham, Shivalaya, Balapuri Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, and Narmadeshwor Panchayan Temple.